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Some girls have all the luck! Good job Brittney!

Ken's Fish

Ken, from Pennsylvania got some nice male guapote on buzz baits today and a big machaca.

The water is finally warming up...

The water is finally warming up a little and the fish are hungry!! The Steve's from Nashville TN got these on top water lures today!! Good job guys and I broke their bad luck streak!! Lol

Water is still high but the fish are biting.

Two nice big machaca caught by Brooks from Texas on the fly rod!

Almost Full!

The lake level is high now so the fishing can be a bit slow some days. This nice male guapote was caught on a buzz bait near the grass. The lake is nice and clear and warm so that good news, it just takes more work to get some nice fish in the boat.

Another nice 4lb machaca

Another nice 4lb machaca caught by Matt today fishing with his brother and dad from San Diego on 8lb test line!!!

Nice 4lb machaca

Nice 4lb machaca caught by Andrew, not only was he using a new custom built rod by him and his dad but a new reel, line ect as well.... oh and my secret fly! Nice job Andrew.

An honorable mention for the record page!

Parker caught this nice 4lb machaca on 6lb test line and ultra light tackle.

Some kids have all the fun!

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