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Big talapia are biting too!!!

Nice male guapote!

Nice male guapote caught by my client fishing with my other guide.

Here's a very late fish report...

Lake levels are still down in a good way with lots of trees for cover being just under the surface. Not to much rain yet just in the later afternoon, making mornings best always!

Casting crank baits is the best right now with the occasional good top water.

Fly fishing is very good now working in tight on shore or points.

Happy new year everyone!

It's been a difficult December and now January with high winds and lots of rain. The lake is almost to capacity and cooler this time of year so....

The fishing has slowed up a bit. Late January early February it should pick back up and the big guapote will go back on the bite!

Fly fisherman are getting some nice machacca though all on surface bugs.


The reason we started a World Record Page is that the official US record holders, called IGFA (International Game Fish Association), currently will not accept any entries from Lake Arenal, Costa Rica for guapote, machaca, and tilapia. Their reason is that there is “no room in the book.” This is not acceptable to us, as fishermen, because any fish entered into the official World Record book (WR) should also include fish being caught by a fly rod, conventional tackle, tippet class, and entries for longest length.

Trying to release the 9 3/4lb male

Unfortunately it didn't survive. so it's being mounted soon!! Photo to follow when it's completed.

Fish report- 9 3/4lb male guapote caught casting in front of the volcano

After spending more than an hour trying to revive the fish to release it-it's being listed later on my. New website section " captain Ron's World Records". Soon to be up and running for all my clients to record their big catches on spin or fly fishing!!

Fish report- a nice 6lb tilapia caught casting in front of the volcano.

Down'n m In Samara!!

Teresa From Long Island NY

Teresa From Long Island NY, stuck this big 12lb male guapote yesterday casting close to shore. After a strong fight down deep and under the boat we landed it for a few great pictures and then released it unharmed to fight another day!! Good job Teresa!!
FYI- the world record is only 3lbs heavier!! With a little luck soon the world record will come from beautiful Lake Arenal Costa Rica.

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