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Fish report- 9 3/4lb male guapote caught casting in front of the volcano

After spending more than an hour trying to revive the fish to release it-it's being listed later on my. New website section " captain Ron's World Records". Soon to be up and running for all my clients to record their big catches on spin or fly fishing!!

Fish report- a nice 6lb tilapia caught casting in front of the volcano.

Down'n m In Samara!!

Teresa From Long Island NY

Teresa From Long Island NY, stuck this big 12lb male guapote yesterday casting close to shore. After a strong fight down deep and under the boat we landed it for a few great pictures and then released it unharmed to fight another day!! Good job Teresa!!
FYI- the world record is only 3lbs heavier!! With a little luck soon the world record will come from beautiful Lake Arenal Costa Rica.

June Wind Up

In between catching guapote we're still catching some big edible tilapia!! They hit hard, fight hard and taste good from the clean water of the lake. Crank baits are still getting most of the nice fish but top water has its days too.

Why I Choose To Be A Guide

Some kids have all the fun!! This boy had three fish before his dad had one! His second fish was the biggest fish he'd ever caught! This is why I choose to be a guide. Special moments like this!

Mid-May Fishing on Lake Arenal

Water level is still dropping steady bringing more trees and stumps up to cast on.

Multiple tours in the last two weeks with more than 15 fish on a half day!!

Several large male guapote, big machacca and the odd huge blue tilapia!!

Yesterday a client casting poppers got three over 2 1/2 lbs plop, plop, plop bam!! Oof!!

Fish on!!

Kids have all the fun!!!

Fishing Report April 2016

The lake is still dropping steady as is the norm in April-May up here but the fish are biting well while casting some secret crank baits!!

There's a good chance to catch a BIG ONE near the structure popping up all over.

The machacca are schooling up as well with several fish over 5lbs taken on top water plugs and flies!!

Lots of big machacca on the fly

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