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Some guys get all the best tips!!!

This was my tip after his catching 13+ fish on his float from lajas. Our first kayak fishing client!

High Lake Level, Fish Are Biting!

Brian from Texas caught this nice male guapote casting near a point with a DT-6 rapala crank bait. It weighed in at nearly 8lbs. The water is still up high but the fish are bitting. He also caught 2- 5lb machacca.

The Candy Box

Most fish are being caught on top water lures...

Plop! Twitch! splash!!!

Water temp is holding steady. The bite is a bit off right now but lots of strikes!

More October Catch

Nice 5lb guapote caught by Robert Daniels on da bug!!

Persistence pays off working the shoreline.

Mid-October Fishing

Lake levels are good and some big talapia are caught near the grass while searching out the rainbow bass.

Secret rapalas are getting most fish as are big floating flies. Not a wide open bite but some fish every day.

New Tour Now Available!

Hey all you fisherman looking for a different experience!!

I'm now offering guided and self-guided kayak fishing trips tailored to your time frame and your experience.

Sneaking up to fish in a stealthy kayak is always very rewarding because you are one with the fish and the water. Using ultra light gear and or fly fishing techniques you will appreciate our two local lakes.

September Fishing Update

Sept fish report:

The lake is up to almost it's full capacity a little early this year but the water is nice and warm at 78 degrees, so the fish are bitting.

Rapalas have caught most all the nice fish for the past few weeks.

Big Chernobyl ants for the fly rodder in your bunch.

June fish report

Lake levels are dropping slow and steady for the next few months making for some great fishing. Several nice male guapotes and some good sized machacca are bitting well. The temp is perfect at 79-81 degrees. Fly fisherman are having a lot if fun near the grass.

5lb. Machaca!

5lb machacca caught by George on a top water plug in the pouring rain!

Another 4 Pounder

Nice 4 plus pounder caught by Lane on a new killer bug tied by mike from Canada. Lots of big fish slurping the surface in and around the grass.

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