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Monster 7lb tilapia!

Nice guapote pinto!

Fishing is Good!

Here are some recent catches...

Happy New Year fisherman

Well a new year is upon us and there are lots of fish to be caught, so lets all get to it!
As usual, the water is high this time of year making the fishing tough around the lake at times. Normally the water temperature drops when the lake is high but this year it has only gone down a little, but the fish are still being very shy about taking our lures. Most mornings we get several swats at the lures,but its been hard to get them to " commit to eating them. That being said, for the next 2 months the fishing will probably be slower than normal.

trip advisor......good or bad

I have been asked by many clients to get a trip advisor account so they may post what a great time they had on the lake, i would like to hear your comments on this, please send them directly to my email account at The reason i don't allow direct posting on my web site is i would feel compelled to answer all the comments daily and if i didn't it would reflect on my site and my business. You are all valued customers to me and i hope everyone returns for a second visit to enjoy the lake and some great fishing.

Your Captain

bigger fish bitting

With the water level lower than normal for May, the bigger fish are hitting near tree stumps and points. Temp is almost 80 degrees and we are just getting a little rain to start the season. Some very large machacca have been taken on dry flies last week. For those looking for a volcano view while fishing now is a good time to see her smoking, some days from both sides of the cone.

water rising steadly

The rains are steady now going into December and Some very windy days in the later part of November have cooled the lake water making the fish a little lethargic for a week or two. December could be a tough month based on how fast the water came up in the past three weeks. Fly fishing has taken the best fish in November, on one half day of fishing, a solo client caught 12 nice machacca's.
Wishing everyone a Happy Holiday Season.

Heavy rains starting

After several months of waiting for the rains to start, we can now watch the lake rise to its winter levels. Many sections of the lake have have been out of the normal water level, this in turn has caused massive areas of grass to grow. The bait fish will have new areas to hide and the guapote will be right on their tail looking for a good meal. I expect the next few months to be some very good fishing.

Low lands taking water because of drought.

The fishing has been slow due to cloudy water conditions and the water levels dropping even more. The fish are not sure where to go, so they are spreading out into new waters making them hard to find some days. With a little luck the water will start to rise soon and the fishing will get better.

Low, low water.

The lake is now lower than it has been in more than 3 years, this causes three things to happen. One, concentrates the bait fish. Two, concentrates the fish and Three, makes the fishing better. Yesterday, a 85 year old man stuck a 9lb big male while trolling tight in a low water cove, almost broke the rod as it hit the gunnel rail on a fierce run to get back to his stump. His wife caught it all on video, so when she sends it, i will put it on the web site.

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