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water rising steadly

The rains are steady now going into December and Some very windy days in the later part of November have cooled the lake water making the fish a little lethargic for a week or two. December could be a tough month based on how fast the water came up in the past three weeks. Fly fishing has taken the best fish in November, on one half day of fishing, a solo client caught 12 nice machacca's.
Wishing everyone a Happy Holiday Season.

Heavy rains starting

After several months of waiting for the rains to start, we can now watch the lake rise to its winter levels. Many sections of the lake have have been out of the normal water level, this in turn has caused massive areas of grass to grow. The bait fish will have new areas to hide and the guapote will be right on their tail looking for a good meal. I expect the next few months to be some very good fishing.

Low lands taking water because of drought.

The fishing has been slow due to cloudy water conditions and the water levels dropping even more. The fish are not sure where to go, so they are spreading out into new waters making them hard to find some days. With a little luck the water will start to rise soon and the fishing will get better.

Low, low water.

The lake is now lower than it has been in more than 3 years, this causes three things to happen. One, concentrates the bait fish. Two, concentrates the fish and Three, makes the fishing better. Yesterday, a 85 year old man stuck a 9lb big male while trolling tight in a low water cove, almost broke the rod as it hit the gunnel rail on a fierce run to get back to his stump. His wife caught it all on video, so when she sends it, i will put it on the web site.

Low water big fish

In the past several weeks many of my clients have done quite well casting to and hooking some big fish. Its a shame that more haven't come from top water, but soon the surface bite will go nuts. Tossing Rapalas near tree trunks has been the ticket. Water temp is 80 plus degrees and a little off color due to some serious rain last week.

Quick note: I plan to update the Fish Report every 2 weeks, keeping you better informed on Lake Arenal water conditions. Good luck fishing where ever you are.

Fishing in the wind

Well, December and January have come and gone and so has the wind for the most part, Thank God! The wind has made some tough fishing for my clients but we did catch some big guapote regardless.
The numbers are still down due to the cooler water but soon it will warm up, then the big boys will come to the net. The level is dropping steady making more of the best structure come up to be seen and fished. I look forward to hooking a big pig guapote this month, my money is on a top water plug, SLAM, SPLASH.

Christmas Fishing

Rain has been steady for a week now, bringing the level of the lake up a meter or so. The fish are moving into their new home, the tall grass. Numbers are down from last month due to the cooler water temp, but some large fish have come aboard in the past two weeks.

Fly fishing has been good and top water flies are being taken along the grass. The bigger fish are taking large ant patterns fished very close into the shore.
Happy Holidays to all.

Lake Level and Fishing Conditions

The level is good right now and will probably hold for another two months. The rain has started a bit but not enough to raise the level just yet. Fishing has been very good, with most days catching more than 15 fish in a half day and some nice big males and females.
The prized Guapote Pinto are showing up as well, two were landed a week ago that were very healthy and fat.
I have taken several fly fisherman out and got them into some bigger fish as well. Lake Arenal is a great spot to fly fish for guapote and machacca, they eat mostly top water flies making it a lot of fun.

Broken Bad Luck Streak

Gary Zollner, from my home town of Las Vegas, and his friend Paul Emmons were out with me fishing a couple of weeks ago, when they proceeded to tell me that every time Gary goes with any of there many friends fishing there luck is terrible and almost nothing is ever caught. Well I decided it was time to change his bad luck streak. So....after trolling a bit in some good areas with only a few fish for his friend Blam!

Another record broken

After fishing here for almost 6 years i have had some great days on the lake but recently i took two young brothers out for a half day of fishing and they caught 30 fish between them, the most ever caught in a half day for two fisherman. The contest started early when the first, (younger) brother caught the first fish and then continued to catch more and more, then the older brother started to catch up until at the end we had 30 fish! They had just returned from a trip to Alaska and mentioned they didn't catch as many fish even up there. Chalk one up for the boys.

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