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Best fishing in months

The rain stopped a month ago and the fishing has been quite good for the Rainbow Bass, with several days of 10-15 fish and some large fish as well. The tree trunks are all popping up and the dirt shore line is helping the fish go in and find the caves they use to spawn in. The morning buzz bait bite is still off and on but go just subsurface and they are there. Rapalas are catching most of the larger fish in the past few weeks.

Rain, Rain and more rain.

Well just when i thought it was going to slow down or stop, its doing just the opposite. That means lake level is almost at the maximum and will be going over the the emergency over flow soon. This is not good news for the fishing because it has also lowered the water temperature as well, making the fish less active to bite. We are still getting some fish but not any big numbers for sure. It will take a few weeks for the water to warm up so please understand we will do what we can to get you into some fish this month.

Holiday Fishing - World Records

The lake level has started to drop down some in the past two weeks putting more structure near the surface for fish to hide in. We hope the drop continues slowly because December can be a tricky time to fish here depending on the level. Water temperatures will go down slightly, but with little affect on the fishing. We plan to put some big fish on the boat before the end of the year, so please come and help us do just that.

History of Lake Arenal

If you are a fishing buff or would just like to learn more about the lake and how & why it was built, please come visit our ( Lake Arenal History Museum ) located in Nuevo Arenal. When traveling to or from the beaches you will pass right by it on the main road and we would love to have you stop and check it out. It will be fun for the whole family. Many detailed photos of the entire area before the water covered up the old town of Arenal, lots of info about Volcano Arenal, Indian artifacts, gifts and much more.

water level changes

The lake level is rising little by little as it does this time of year, so the fish tend to spread out in the newly submeged grass along the shore line. The good news is that the bait fish also run for cover in the grass and the guapote follow suit. We will be doing some deeper jigging and trolling after the early morning bite on top water slows. Keep in mind that for the water to rise it means the rivers coming in will become larger as well and it is a good place to find big fish. We hope to have a busy high season this year as we did last year.

Possible World Record Fish

While fishing up near the dam yesterday I had a full boat, two dads, two boys and a good friend/family along for the ride. We started fishing poppers and buzz baits at first light, within the first hour of casting BLAM! the almost 8lb guapote ate Austin's popper, ran off for cover and then under the boat a couple of times. Austin kept the tension on him perfectly and we landed it shortly thereafter. Here is the record part of it...the enormous guapote was hooked on 6lb P-line, keep in mind these fish have fangs close to an inch long, top and bottom of their mouth.

Lake level coming up.

Well after much rain in the past two weeks the level has risen a bit, but not to much to hinder the fishing. It does put some of the best spots with heavy brush right where we like it, 50% under water and a great hiding place for the sardinas, or as you know them minnows. Hooked several nice big fish in the past two weeks but only landed some of them, they can be very hard to get out of the sunken tree stumps. When in Costa Rica visiting even if you dont come fishing with us, please come and visit our new museum in Nuevo Arenal.

Guacamole lovers come and get it!!

After many requests to put the " secret formula " of our guacamole on the web site, here it is...

Start by peeling a nice lime or lemon, in Costa Rica we use the local limones, personally I think it helps the flavor.

fishing deep

The early top water bite has been a bit off lately, so we have had to go deep! it has produced some of the biggest female guapote i have seen in a long time. Several days have been " blue bird " making it tough as well. Last week we pulled in a nice 7.5 pounder plus several others that were very nice. The level is stationary now so we hope to see more nice fish come up. Some small storms have started producing heavy rain, but only in the late afternoon hours. For those who have been asking for my secret guacamole formula, see the next blog. Tight Lines to all.

Lake level

The water has dropped another meter placing the fish in a state of " where do we go now " shock, but they will soon settle in the new areas and the fishing will get much better. Some of the river mouths are getting to low for safe navagating so for the next month or so we will be fishing different areas of the lake. The Volcano has been very active with lots of rolling boulders coming down most all day.

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