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Water level report

As promised, i will post a level of the lake monthly for the lucky ones coming fishing in the best conditions. In January the lake droped close to 2 meters making the mouth of some of our rivers very good fishing, then more rain came and it has stayed at that level for now. The first four days of the dry season it rained like hell!! so next week is March and things will change i know, i hope and pray. For you fly fishing guys be prepared for some great fishing soon.

Fishing high water

Fishing has been steady but not red hot yet, we are still waiting for the level to go down some to bring the tree structures up close to the surface. February produced some nice fish for several clients, but we should see some double digit fish come out soon i think. The "Side Arm" spinner bait from Secret Weapon Lures has been very helpful in taking some of the best fish in the last several months. We will be selling the Secret Weapon line of lures in our (soon to open) fishing store in Nuevo Arenal, please come visit us when you are here in Costa Rica.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

In the new year 2010 i will be keeping a lake level update in this section, as i have told many of my clients the level of lake arenal has a great deal to do with catching some of the big guapote. We are at the end of December now and the level is high because ICE the power company is not taking much water to make power. We are at 3 plus meters from maxium level, i will throughout the year describe the level as, how many meters below maxium. Keep in mind that when the level is high but does not change much for a week or more the fishing can be very good.

Time to catch a big one

The water level is dropping right now making all our best fishing points come up out of the grass, this gets the bigger fish bitting near the surface. We are expecting much less rain this early rain season, so it should keep the level down for some great fishing. The weather has been very nice with clouds early and great sunsets in the late day.

lake level and fishing

We have recieved more rain than i think we should have for this time of the year. When lake levels are high it creates two different problems, cooler water on the surface giving the guapote a excuse not to bite as well on the top water lures and structure is further down making trolling the best way to find the bigger fish. We are hoping to see the levels drop soon because the rainy season is not far away. I want to thank all my clients that stick with it and try very hard to land some good fish.

The Big Ones Are Biting

In the last month and a half we have landed several fish over 4 kilos, and for those of you who dont know, a kilo is 2.2lbs. Two fish were over 5 kilos, and with having the unofficial lake record of 6.5 kilos we are happy to see some of the bigger fish taking lures. The water temperature of the lake has risen to 80 plus degrees and this also makes the Guapote hungry for the surface lures. Casting a buzz-bait in the early am is very rewarding. Last week with two different clients we saw the volcano erupt several times in a 5 hour period.

Lake Levels Lower = Better Fish Concentrations!

Lake Arenal was at full-capacity for almost two months, and finally started going down in March, and continues to drop several meters each month now.

Our "points" are starting to re-imerge, as are the stumps, trees, and other structure that the guapote love to hang around.

We've been getting a lot of our guapote on top-water lures -- and those Secret Weapon lures are helping us land some big ones as well.

Big Fish have Started to Bite!

We had a lot of tours through March, and the fishing just kept getting better and better. Here we are in the middle of April, and we've caught 4 fish *just under 8 pounds* in the last 2 weeks!
The lake levels are still high, but the important factor is that the water is warming, and we are getting some great topwater action for the bigger fish.

Rain Moves In, Doesn't Stop the Fly Fishing!

February 3, 2009
Yesterday I complained about too much sun, too early.

Today it started drizzling around 3am, and was full blown rain by 7am. I had a solo flyfisherman, and would have fully expected him to "call it a day" at 9am, but he was tenacious!

The client, Bruce, an avid flyfisherman, just kept at it through the rain; at least the wind wasn't heavy. He used my lighter fly pole and some white flies I have specially for the guapote in the cove areas.

Great Volcano Day, So-So Fishing Day

February 2, 2009
I asked for sunshine, and we got it today.
The morning started out sunny, with just wisps of clouds around. The volcano was incredible clear, with smoke and steam plumes coming out the top and vents.

But, as sometimes happens, the bright morning sun sent the guapote down deep, so we only had a few strikes on our first-light topwater casts. I changed out lures for deeper fishing, but the client only got a couple of hits. At least the sun warmed the water, and temps should be back up in a day or two. And we didn't get rained on!

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