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Fishing in the Rain

October, 2008
The "green season", as it's known in Costa Rica, is here to stay for a few months and that means rain, rain, and more rain.

We love what it does for the local plants and our garden, but it can also make it tough for the guapote fishing because the water level in Lake Arenal can come up several feet in just days.

I took out Mark Lindlow and his buddy who started the day of fishing Lake Arenal with a “gentlemen’s bet” on who would catch the FIRST FISH! So, here it is (pictured).

Poco a Poco, in Espanol, means "Little by Little"

October, 2008
On certain days, the guapote (pronounced: gwa-POH-teh) seem like a prehistoric fish trying to survive another era. And at a closer look, when you get one to smash a lure, looking into their eyes you can feel it. With catch and release, practiced here every day, we hope the guapote live in Lake Arenal another era.

Rainy Days

October, 2008
Boated only a few guapote today, but my clients had 20 or more takes on top-water lures. The guapote can be lighting fast at times, testing your patience to not jerk too fast. Other times they are just swatting the lure because it's there, with no real take down. Either way, it's good to see them active in this high water.

Three for Three

October, 2008
Remind me why we like fishing so much? Oh yeah, because it's so much more fun than working -- yeah, that's it!

Well, fishing can be work too, getting up at 2:30am to launch at 4:30am, to pick up our loyal clients at 5:30am. And some days, it takes changing lures over and over to get fish in the boat, like today, three changes for three nice guapote.

Conditions: The lake water is clear and rising a bit.

Active Volcano Day

The water is still quite high but we are still finding a few fish close on the shoreline in the heavy grass. Some of the feeder rivers are running muddy. But, oh yeah, the volcano blew several times.

Frustrating day

With water levels high the fishing continus to be a challange, we still have a early bite but it can slow down quickly. good news is that dense clouds help the bite stay on a little longer.

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