Busy Year-End Fishing on Lake Arenal

December 18 to December 31, 2008
Wow, what a busy year-end we had fishing — we hardly had time to attend holiday parties and celebrate Christmas!

We fished clients on Dec. 20, 22 & 23, then on Christmas Eve, AND on Christmas Day! A couple of days we had hardy anglers that fared some rainy weather, and most days we caught at least a couple of fish.
I found that we are getting mostly machaca this month — and they aren’t “swallowing” the hook and running with it as they usually do. They are more in a “post spawn” funk, and SMACKING at the topwater lures out of irritation. So we were getting hit a lot, but it was a challenge to actually land the fish.

We had a couple more flyfishing clients who did well, too.

On Dec. 23, after dropping off client Gordon Roberts, I got into a full-on BOIL of machaca, and landed 5 big ones in half and hour. It’s times like this I want to run back and get the client so we can fish some more!

Then we fished client Amber Fink and her boyfriend on New Year’s Eve, and our fishing was interrupted by a huge volcanic eruption that even showered ash on us in the boat. What a memorable way to end 2008 on the lake!