Fishing and Nature Tours

Come fish a very special place in beautiful Costa Rica. We provide totally unique kayak fishing experiences on both Lake Arenal and its close companion Lake Cote.

Lake Cote naturally forms the shape of a heart and is considered to be a powerfully spiritual site by native tribes. The lake is assumed to be an ancient volcano that has been filled by both rain and underground springs.

It has it’s own unique shore line that consists of fallen and live trees, cat tails, and back water holding a strain of fish called guapote similar to Lake Arenal but with different coloring.

Casting small rapalas in a few secret colors close to the tree-choked shoreline is a true fisherman’s dream!! Fly fishing is also very productive during hatches of flying termites, midges, and, of course, the wide variety of terrestrials that fall in to the lake.

Enjoy a fishing experience you’ll never forget!

Pricing is based on three different tour durations;

  • a 3 hour tour including all gear, breakfast snack with coffee, fresh fruit and drinks
  • a 5 hour tour including all gear, breakfast snack with coffee, fresh fruit, a nice big sandwich and drinks.
  • a 7 hour tour includes all the items in the 5hr tour.
  • 3 hour tour- $135.00
  • 5 hour tour- $225.00
  • 7 hour tour- $295.00

* prices are single person, special pricing available for multiple people.
** additional charges may apply for lost or broken equipment or any special requests

All tours include transportation from Nuevo ARENAL.
Starting time is 6:30 AM in Nuevo ARENAL,with a short 20 minute ride to Lake Cote.

You are essentially fishing on your own with a few special instructions on how and where to locate the fish. Then it’s up to you and your current fishing experience to catch a new species of fish to add to your “bucket list.”

Please feel free to Contact Me with any additional questions or to book your fishing trip now!