Fishing in the Rain

October, 2008
The “green season”, as it’s known in Costa Rica, is here to stay for a few months and that means rain, rain, and more rain.

We love what it does for the local plants and our garden, but it can also make it tough for the guapote fishing because the water level in Lake Arenal can come up several feet in just days.

I took out Mark Lindlow and his buddy who started the day of fishing Lake Arenal with a “gentlemen’s bet” on who would catch the FIRST FISH! So, here it is (pictured).
It may not be the largest fish caught on the lake, but it earned Mark $50 being the first fish of the day caught between the two! Note erupting volcano in the background.

We had a devoted couple fishing just the other day, with high winds and some rain we still managed to get some great splashes on top water lures. Fishing will be slow for a bit until the levels come back down.