Fishing Reports

The pursuit of Machaca

Althought it’s not the most loved fish in Lake Arenal, the Machaca is a hard hitting,quick to strike,Jumper much like the Tarpon. They hit all day long on different points,mostly when its windy, or when there is a good chop. For my clients i use only top water lures, Zara Spooks or poppers work great, it takes a little talent to land them very close to shore , but that will give you some ferocious hits. The Machaca is also a schooling fish unlike the Guapote ,find one and you will see more, usually right on thier tail.

Active Volcano Day

The water is still quite high but we are still finding a few fish close on the shoreline in the heavy grass. Some of the feeder rivers are running muddy. But, oh yeah, the volcano blew several times.

Lake Arenal Tactics

For a Flyfisherman its all about reading the water and picking the best fly to get a strike. Lake Arenal posses its own set of fishing conditions. If you can cast to the same area several times, close to shore, then you have a very good chance of fighting with a guapote. Most every fish is taken within inches or a foot from shore. Fast is an understatment for the strike of a guapote, all your fly needs to do is land in the vicinity, with a couple twitches, its fish on.

Frustrating day

With water levels high the fishing continus to be a challange, we still have a early bite but it can slow down quickly. good news is that dense clouds help the bite stay on a little longer.

Extreme Fishing at the Base of Arenal Volcano

One visit to the beautiful mountains of Costa Rica in the Arenal area, is an experince of a lifetime ,to remember with the whole family. The air is fresh from the nearby jungle, the howler monkeys will wake you on most mornings and then your off to experence a day of fishing Lake Arenal. Guapote ” Rainbow Bass” are the first to strike in the early am, then follows the hard fighting :Machacca” they will thrash you top water lure on most days all day long.