The reason we started a World Record Page is that the official US record holders, called IGFA (International Game Fish Association), currently will not accept any entries from Lake Arenal, Costa Rica for guapote, machaca, and tilapia. Their reason is that there is “no room in the book.” This is not acceptable to us, as fishermen, because any fish entered into the official World Record book (WR) should also include fish being caught by a fly rod, conventional tackle, tippet class, and entries for longest length.

All entries in our World Record Page will be weighed by a Boga Grip for accuracy and an official IGFA tape measurer will be used for determining length.

* Now you have a way, as our client, to enter your big catch in the same manner as the IGFA makes their official recordings. This is an opportunity for your big catch to be publicized. Good luck, fishermen! *

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