Possible World Record Fish

While fishing up near the dam yesterday I had a full boat, two dads, two boys and a good friend/family along for the ride. We started fishing poppers and buzz baits at first light, within the first hour of casting BLAM! the almost 8lb guapote ate Austin’s popper, ran off for cover and then under the boat a couple of times. Austin kept the tension on him perfectly and we landed it shortly thereafter. Here is the record part of it…the enormous guapote was hooked on 6lb P-line, keep in mind these fish have fangs close to an inch long, top and bottom of their mouth.

I will be turning in the information to the IGFA for approval of a possible world record — if not a record, he should at least get an honorable mention for the great catch. Many of my clients have brought their kids fishing with me and I love to see them get the big ones. Austin Stone is the angler and he is from Manhattan Beach, CA. I hope you all like the photos of his catch. To see his photo go to photo gallery, Fish of the Lake.