Wintery January Fishing in the Tropics

January 1 to January 15, 2009
Overall, our January’s can have some of our nastiest storms, but will still yield good fishing. The machaca are still “smacking” at those lures, and we landing a few more than December.

The water is finally warming up, even a degree or two makes a huge difference in getting the guapote. By the end of January the chilly winds and drizzle will die down, as our “dry season” starts.
The good thing is, the lake is already full, so we don’t need to worry about lake levels “coming up” another 3 feet in a week, because the lake is full, and the water has cleared.

On January 2 I fished client Robert Rains who landed 8 machaca, and got strikes from lots more. Now, that’s what I call a good day!

On January 5 we had an interesting hook up with a client. I fished client Bill Morris and his two sons in the morning, caught a couple of fish, came home and unloaded the boat, then went off to run some errands.
When I came back home, there were 3 big college kids standing on my front porch, begging me to take them fishing! They were staying in La Fortuna, and had been driving along the lake road all morning, asking anyone in sight if they knew of a fishing guide! I don’t know how they made it past the dam without finding some tour guide, but they made their way to my house!
So I told them to come back in an hour so I could load up the boat, and those were three of the happiest Texas college kids you’ve ever seen. We only caught a couple of fish, but they had a blast.